Frequently Asked Questions

To place your order, follow these steps :

  • Browse through our wide range of products until you find something you love. After you’ve chosen your desired product, select the relevant size (if applicable). Check out our size chart for reference.
  • Once you’re done, click the ‘Buy Now’ button
  • After you have added all the products, click on the cart icon on the top right. You can either choose to continue shopping or confirm the order and click ‘Checkout’.
  • From there, you can either login to your existing GalaxT account OR Continue as a New User and create one OR You can Checkout as Guest.
  • Once you are done, proceed to checkout, confirm your shipping address, and select the desired payment method to confirm your order by clicking ‘Place Order’.

We'll send an Email and SMS with your order information to confirm. Sit back, relax, and wait for your awesome products to arrive.

Your order will get delivered in 2-7 business days depending on where you live. You will also receive a timely notification via Email and SMS. You can also track you orders from GalaxT.

  • If you have a user account and were logged in while you placed your order, rest assured you can track the status of your order in your GalaxT account.
  • Once your order is placed, we will send you confirmation of your order details over Email and SMS
  • You can also track your order from the GalaxT
  • Once we dispatch your shipment you will be notified via SMS. In case of any unusual event which delays your order, you would receive a special update from our end.
  • If you still have queries and/or concerns w.r.t your orders, write to us at hello@galaxt.com OR call us at 080-43026045, +91 9008474450 (11AM - 5AM), and your issue will be addressed.
  • Please check your bank/credit card account to first ensure if your account has been debited. If your account has been debited after a payment failure, it is normamlly rolled back by banks within 7 business days.
  • For assistance you can write to us at hello@galaxt.com, we will be happy to help you out.

Yes. We process 100% Secure payments using the best SSL certificate so you will be able to buy safely and securely. Also, we are using the most trusted payment gateways - Cashfree. Buy with confidence.

There are absolutely no hidden charges. You pay only the amount that you see in your order summary.

  • Cards
    We accept debit and credit cards from all card associations. You can save your card details to get a seamless experience when you visit our website next time.
  • Netbanking
    Pay through 50+ netbanking options from various banks.
  • Wallets
    Pay with your favorite digital wallet.
  • UPI
    We accept UPI payment mode as a default checkout option so you don't have to share sensitive bank information to complete a transaction.

No, currently we do not accept any COD orders.

2-7 business days is by when you should receive your order.

We have tie-ups with 8 different courier companies, so your orders will be delivered to your doorstep.

All orders will be delivered in fully sealed packages to protect your goods and ensure that they reach you in perfect condition. If you have any complaints, shoot an email to us at hello@galaxt.com OR call us at 080-43026045, +91 9008474450 (11AM - 5AM).

We offer FREE Shipping across India for all the products, no minimum order value.

Our courier partner will attempt the pick up 3 times. You can let him know a convenient time to pick the product up.

Orders once shipped, are typically delivered in 2-7 business days depending on where you live. Delivery time may vary depending upon the shipping address and other factors (public holidays, extreme weather conditions, etc.)

Please Note:?? Any customization involved will be shipped out in 5 business days after the order is placed.

We offer FREE Shipping across India for all the products, no minimum order value.

You can track your order once it has been dispatched from our warehouse. An email and SMS will be sent with a link. You can also track it from your account on the website OR by clicking on 'Track Order' for the respective Order ID and AWB Number.

For prepaid orders, if our courier partners are unable to deliver the product and they send it back to us, we will initiate a refund which will reflect within 24-48 hours of initiation. If you have any further queries, write to us at hello@galaxt.com OR call us at 080-43026045, +91 9008474450 (11AM - 5AM), and your issue will be addressed.

If you are unhappy with the product that you have received, you can send it back to us within 7 days of the delivery via any cost-effective courier or registered post to our address (Note: Shipping charges are non-refundable) Once we have received the products and our internal quality check has been carried out, the product amount will be credited back to your bank account in 48 Hrs. Refund of shipping is not applicable.

Free T-Shirts/Accessories your received from GalaxT are not returnable/exchangeable.

Please mail us at hello@galaxt.com OR call us at 080-43026045, +91 9008474450 (11AM - 5AM) before you return the products to us for us to be able to process your return request.

You can send them to the following address: GalaxT E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd., #538, 1st Floor, HAL 3rd Stage, 9th Main, BEML Main Road, New Thippasandra, Bangalore - 560075, India

Note:??Items will have to be unused and returned in their original packaging within 7 days of delivery.

All the accessories products like Caps, Beanies, Mugs, Keychains, Badges, Fridge Magnets, Wrist Bands etc. are not eligible for Returns/Exchanges. In case of any sort of manufacturing defect and/or defective products, you can mail us at hello@galaxt.com OR call us at 080-43026045, +91 9008474450 (11AM - 5AM) and we'll help you out.

You can send it back to us via a cost-effective courier company or registered post. Most courier companies will be willing to pick it up from your address.

Yes, you will have to bear the postal charges for sending your products back to us. This money is not refunded by GalaxT

If you have received a defective product, send us images at hello@galaxt.com OR call us at 080-43026045, +91 9008474450 (11AM - 5AM) and we will get back to you. On cofirmation from our team, we shall send you new set of product.

We can refund your Prepaid payment on request in case you have requested to cancel your order through the previously mentioned procedure. Refunds will be processed through the same mode of payment within 7 working days.

Orders that have not been shipped can be cancelled by reaching our team. You can mail us at hello@galaxt.com OR call us at 080-43026045, +91 9008474450 (11AM - 5AM).

If you want to change your order we will not be able to change anything once shipped. For changes in the order before it has been shipped, please call us directly on 080-43026045

Yes, absolutely we do. You can email us with your order and design details at sales@galaxt.com. We’ll also try and work out a discount for you, depending on the quantity of your order.

Yes, You will automatically get subscribed to our marketing Emails and SMS's after registering with us. In case you do not want to receive these, you can click on the unsubscribe link in the email.

Just click on 'Forgot Password' option and we will send a reset password link to you on your email address registered with us.

Unfortunately No. We only sell online so there is no try-and-buy option available. However, in order to ensure you in pick the right size, we have a size chart with measurements on our product pages.

Once the order is confirmed and warehouse has accepted it, you cannot add any more products to your order. You will have to place a new order for the same.

You have successfully subscribed!
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